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Toddler/ Pre-Nursery

Age-appropriate materials are presented to the curious playgroup children. Tots explore the world around them endlessly with their insatiable curiosity. Their fine motor skills are developed while their tiny hands are kept busy. At the same time, outdoor play, music and movement activities develop their gross-motor skills.


While children interact with friends in associative play, they develop their social and emotional awareness. It is a crucial year for the child to develop his/her language competencies. A strong foundation for the languages is built by the introduction of children’s literary works. Children’s literary works such as books by Eric Carle and Dr Seuss are introduced to build the children’s interest in reading and stretch their imagination.

Kinder 1

The five-year olds enhance their language skills further through a graded reading scheme. They embark on simple integrated numeracy, investigative science and creative and language art projects to foster their love for learning.

Kinder 2

Children are prepared for a successful transition to primary school as they are equipped to be responsible and independent learners. By the end of the year, they are competent to cope with the requirements of the primary curriculum. They will be proficient in at least 2 languages and have a strong foundation of academic fundamentals.