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MindKids is a preschool which focuses in providing an enriched environment and a child-centered program that fosters the whole child concept in Malaysia. The MindKids approach is well-balanced that glean the best of the play-based (Montessori) and the academic-based approach to provide the best learning for our children.

MindKids believe that children are capable and eager learners. Our curriculum was designed and developed with thematic approach that balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. It also provides a platform for children to apply their skills and concepts in real life settings.

To ensure pre-schools adopt updated teaching and learning strategies, MindKids has refreshed the kindergarten curriculum framework to continue to guide teachers in designing quality learning experiences to help children develop holistically.

Holistic Development

Early years learning ensures a smooth transition to the more structured and skills-driven learning expectations of the Kindergarten Programme.

  • Communication & language skills
  • Motor skills development
  • Numeracy
  • Self and social development
  • Creative Expression
  • Environmental awareness

Thematic Approach

MindKids english curriculum use integrated thematic approach to expand children’s world and learning experiences. The encyclopaedic themes are developmentally appropriate, child-centred and seek to promote interaction, problem-solving skills and challenge children intellectually, linguistically and socially. Our special emphasis on character building seeks to impart values to nurture respectful, grateful and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

  • Centers around children’s interest and curiosity
  • They have a natural quest for knowledge leading to experiences in inquiry, investigations, discovery and active hands-on explorations
  • Development of life skills and competencies, disposition and attitudes are promoted through integrated project works
  • Prepares children for successful transition to formal school