MindKids Preschool GRADUATION CONCERT 2019

“Daddy, Mummy! I am a little graduate now!” 🎓 Aren’t you proud of me?😅 To my dear teachers and little friends, all the fun and laughter we had, will be such a wonderful memory. 😄 👩‍🎓Now I am off to the Big Kids School! 👨‍🎓“I will reach for the stars no matter how hard it seems, and [...]

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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2019

MindKids celebrated Mid-Autumn festival with great support from teachers and parents to let the children understand the importance of this festival back in ancient time. The highlight of the celebration: Making DIY lanterns to recycle bottles and charity sales add in some fun. The games were a great time for family bonding, the children [...]

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MindKids Preschool GRADUATION CONCERT 2018

Welcome to MindKids!  MindKids for you, MindKids  for  me,  Inspired  and  imaginative…   The  MindKids  Preschool  song  heralded  a  morning  of  entertaining  performances  ranging  from  songs,  dances ,  wushu  to  drama.  The toddlers came on stage with their innocent yet irresistible charm in the maru maru dance. The  energetic  wushu  performance  show  how  discipline  can  [...]

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MindKids Preschool SPORTS FIESTA 2018

Mindkids Sports Fiesta on 29th September 2018 kicked off with a march leading on to an energetic and fun Cai Cai dance. Children from pre-nursery to Kinder 2 participated in the exciting events . The wushu performance showcased the talents of potential Kungfu stars! Prizes and medals galore await the winners . All are [...]

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MindKids Permas Jaya Open Day

A one-stop  centre in Permas Jaya that caters to all your child's need from childcare to school care to enrichment programmes. MindKids Preschool which is well established Kindergarten and childcare in Johor Bahru held its open House cum Chinese New Year celebration on 10th February 2018. To the parents and children who attended this [...]

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MindKids Graduation Ceremony 2017

Another wonderful year came to a great end with our Annual Concert and Graduation Concert 2017 in Paragon Private & International School Johor Bahru. In MindKids preschool our children enjoy active learning and physical development which stimulates cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. The highlight of the annual concert was wushu and zumba fitness [...]

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