MindKids Preschool GRADUATION CONCERT 2018

//MindKids Preschool GRADUATION CONCERT 2018

MindKids Preschool GRADUATION CONCERT 2018

Welcome to MindKids!  MindKids for you, MindKids  for  me,  Inspired  and  imaginative…   The  MindKids  Preschool  song  heralded  a  morning  of  entertaining  performances  ranging  from  songs,  dances ,  wushu  to  drama. 

The toddlers came on stage with their innocent yet irresistible charm in the maru maru dance.

The  energetic  wushu  performance  show  how  discipline  can  be  instilled  through  the  practice  of  wushu. 

Children  catwalk   on  stage , exuding  an  air  of  confidence   in  the  fashion  show.

The  K2’s  Selfish  Giant  drama   ended   in  a  light  and  happy  mood.  Through  the  story  the  children  learn  that  sharing   is  caring.

 As  the K2  children  sing  One  Step  Along  The  Way  , we  feel  proud  to help  pave   the  way  for  their  lifelong  journey  of  learning. Congratulations to the graduating students of K2!

The  concert  showcase the talents of our children. It is the results of hours of  behind  the  scene  preparation  by  children  and  teachers.  Most  importantly,  the  children  learn  to  work  together  and  feel  a  sense  of  belonging  and  success  in  the  production.


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